Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Last summer I discovered that some of the most flavorful popsicles can be made with unaltered fruit puree. It is once again popsicle season -- hooray! Our favorites include cantaloupe puree, watermelon puree, berry puree (especially strawberry). Both E and J love popsicles; as do their parents. It is an ongoing challenge of mine to find ways to get J to eat leafy vegetables -- he gags on them if they are not pureed. Our newest experiment is Watermelon-Kale Pops. They both love them. She doesn't yet know that sweet things aren't supposed to be deep green in color. They are really quite tasty.
Our popsicle mold holds a total of 2 cups of liquid:
Puree 1 cup of watermelon chunks. Gradually add enough chopped kale to the blender to bring it up to 2 cups. Make sure it is very well pureed. No one likes leaves in their popsicles.