Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kilgore Falls

We went to our favorite swimming hole yesterday -- a very secluded little spot on a river in Rocks State Park where it narrows to a waterfall which falls into a deep hole in the rocks and then spreads out to a very calm, wide, shallow stream. It's perfect for swimming and wading. We all enjoyed cooling off in it this morning. The last time we were there, it was a few days past E's due date (still a few days before her birth). It is great for little and big kids. Lots of rocks to toss in shallow, very cool water, but also a large deep area of water to jump into from the surrounding boulders.
It is worth the hour-long drive from Baltimore to spend an afternoon at this fresh water swimming hole. After parking in a tiny lot, you walk a mile or so on a nice wide trail into the woods. A stroller would be tricky to take all the way in because there is one spot where you need to cross the shallow stream by walking on some large rocks. There is no beach when you get to the swimming area, but there are many shaded flat rocks to sit on and relax.
Named City Paper's 2004 Best of Baltimore: Best Swimming Hole

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