Sunday, August 26, 2007

Local Farms

Part of the fun of cooking is finding good fresh raw ingredients. There are plenty of people (myself included in a very limited way) growing food within an easy drive of here. If you live in or around Baltimore, in addition to the several farmers markets, check these out:

Weber's Cider Mill Farm - great peaches, apples, assorted vegetables, baked goods, and cider (conventional)
Larriland Farm - fruit, a few vegetables, pick-your-own (Integrated Pest Management or IPM)
Cromwell Valley CSA - $500 for six months of organic produce, nice variety, fair in quantity (organic)
Nick Maravell's Farms - some of the only local organic grain
Summercreek Farm - Rick Hood's organic farm/csa, also grows some grain
Baugher's Orchard and Farm - peaches, apples, pumpkins, vegetables, pick-your-own (conventional)

I will add to the list as time goes on.

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