Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hanging to Dry

We have no clothes dryer. We don't really have a yard to speak of. But we do have this little patio with an overhang under which I strung up some rope. This is where I hang our shirts, pants, sheets and towels. It holds about 20 t-shirts. There is plenty of breeze through there, so the clothes dry very quickly during the spring, summer, and fall. Diapers come out smelling fresh. Some people are disappointed by the crispness of hung-to-dry clothes, but we have come to love it. Adam says (half-jokingly) that soft clothes almost feel dirty. If it's crisp, you know it's clean.
And of course it softens up after wearing for a few minutes.I read at Project Laundry List that the electric clothes dryer accounts for 5 to 10% of residential electricity usage. Dryers also wear out clothes much faster than hanging to dry. Guess where lint comes from? Another reason I hang laundry is the chance to slow down and be outside for a few minutes. I have had many conversations and friendly nods and waves with neighbors and passersby while hanging clothes.

We have a rope strung across a room in the house. That is where I hang socks. Since they are short, they don't cut the view of the room too much and are easy to duck under.Everything else gets hung on our giant wooden drying rack. It holds a big basket-ful of underwear, rags, and kid clothes.

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