Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Kitchen Cooperative

Not for profit, but for enrichment of the community.

I imagine a commercial, inspected kitchen. It has things like huge counters, multiple ovens and canning processors. It is a rented empty restaurant or bakery or a rowhouse with remodeled kitchen, up to state requirements.

Use it for community meals, clubs, classes, bulk cooking sessions for individuals, start up businesses, local farmers or gardeners who need a place to do some basic processing before selling, special holiday cooking for a big family parties, small time caterers, special orders, food coop pickups, with a small retail front to sell what people cook, an area with bench tables for communal meals, has a food book library, has weekly open meals, potlucks, community event bulletins, resources for how to eat locally, nutrition classes, food pantry, soup kitchen, workshops, meetings, food tastings.

It could be primarily to support community enriching events, small and large, but have a few steady tenants who would rent the space for their own business use to provide a reliable income.
A combined educational facility, community center, small business incubator, food co-op.
We could own the facility (or find another organization who has similar goals and has the space already), offer the space for rent/use, publicize, manage scheduling of the space, maintain equipment, meet regulatory requirements, handle bills, build community support.
And we could govern it by some sort of collective, and even own it collectively.

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