Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Share Network

Another fledgling idea:

The Baltimore Share Network is a means toward the goal of connecting with the people we live near by facilitating the sharing of our personal resources with one another. We desire to decrease our duplication of material resources and increase the reach of our non-material resources.

If you have material goods (i.e. appliances, hobby equipment) that you would like to lend to others (or barter / trade for the use of), or if you have special skills or knowledge that you would enjoy sharing or teaching to others, please join us.

This website will be a place to make your resources available to others. The group will grow by word of mouth (or personal emails) only in order to facilitate some necessary level of trust between sharers and sharees.

Our collective resources do a lot of sitting around in literal (or mental) closets. Let's dust them off and share them with our neighbors!

How does it work? (via an internet message board or email group)
* You may post OFFERs (resources you are offering to share) or SEEKINGs (resources you are seeking to make use of).
* Resources may include our skills, knowledge, or material goods.
* Sharing may include giving freely forever, lending for a limited period, or trading for other resources (not money -- this isn't an ordinary classifieds site).
* The discussions of how to arrange the sharing logistics (including determining trust, exchange of goods, skills, or knowledge, and arranging the return of goods) with the other person will be through personal emails, phone conversations, or in person. The more you have to talk to someone, the more you learn about them, the greater the potential for meaningful relationships, the more fulfilling community we might create. You are valuable to our community.

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******************************* said...

Hi Johanna!

Thanks so much for your comment- your husband gave me your blog name, so I've definitely been checking it out.

Baltimore Share sounds like a wonderful idea. My kombucha SCOBYs keep growing and growing, so I would love to share those! Also I'd love to borrow some woodworking tips and instruction from someone. Let me know how I can help!