Wednesday, June 25, 2008

City Paper Article on Homebirthing in Baltimore

Home Made: Inside Baltimore's Home-Birth Underground by Michelle Gienow

It is not an article that will convince the anti-home-birth crowd, but then it was not meant to be. And sadly it ended with a quote about the necessity of extreme labor pain. That was not my experience in both labors and births, and I believe that part of what allowed that was laboring and birthing in my own space and time. It is a great article though, and hopefully it will open some eyes and cause some folks to see home-birth in a light that is not typical of mainstream media.

Related: Although I have not yet seen it, I have heard great things about The Business of Being Born, a movie that came out in January of this year that looks at women's choice between home-birth and hospital birth. Most women do not even know that 95% of them have this choice, or if they do know about home-birth, that it is worth researching and making an informed decision about. It demonstrates how big business and the flow of $$$ affects the care and options given to women and their babies during prenatal care, labor, and delivery.

Three cheers for unhindered natural processes.


The Baltimore Babe said...

There used to be a Birth Center in Baltimore, but with the lack of funding, access to this birth method is even more difficult nowadays. Thanks for highlighting this.

Johanna said...

There is a free-standing birth center in Arnold, MD: Special Beginnings. But it is quite a drive for most Baltimore folk and driving a long distance isn't high on my mind for fun things to do when I'm in labor.
I have heard numerous wonderful stories about it though.

I am so wise said...

The City Paper article was tragically light on the science. It was sad that they ignored the fact that birthing was so dangerous, that it produced selection pressure so strong that women developed menopause, concealed ovulation, and many other features of female anatomy.