Friday, July 18, 2008

Homemade Cloth Bags

Re-purpose old sturdy fabric to make cloth bags.

A friend of mine gave me a whole slew of cloth napkins and place mats a while back. And I, being unable to turn away any potentially useful fabric, took them without a real idea of what I would use them for since we already have a dozen cloth napkins and never use place mats.

Looking through my scrap fabric bin for canvas or some heavy woven cotton fabric to make cloth bags out of, I ran across the napkins and place mats. They are the perfect size for grocery bags. Just sew around three sides with sturdy thread, add some 1-inch wide cotton or nylon webbing for handles, and since the edges of the napkins (or place mats) are already finished, there are no hems to sew. Easy. Excellent reuse of sturdy decorative fabric. One more way to ditch plastic bags for good.

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